NJ Mayflower
NJ Mayflower


The following Officers were elected to serve from November 2020 to November 2023:

Governor        Michael T. Bates, Esq.
Deputy Governor    Edward C. Horton   
Secretary    Janice Hunold   
Membership Secretary   Lisa A. Intili    
Assistant Secretary    Lawrence E. Fahley   
Treasurer    Stephen H. Gibbon    
Historian    Linda S. Hoffman   (  LSHquinter@aol.com )
Assistant Historian    Margaret Hangley  
Elder    Christopher Lee   
Captain    Dean C. Hurley   
Surgeon    George J. Hill, M.D.
Counselor    Charlotte Squarcy, Esq.
Assistant    Bruce A. Ryno   
Assistant    Lillian Bialy   
Assistant    Susan Bryant (Newsletter Editor)   
Assistant    Donald C. Bonney   
Assistant    Mary E. Rogan   
Assistant    John Newman    
Assistant    Open   
Past Governor    Stephen H. Gibbon   
Past Governor    Dr. George J. Hill, M.D.   
Past Governor    Jane A. Engleman   
Past Governor    Mark C. Fulcomer, Ph.D.   
Past Governor    Nancy B. Popielarski   
Past Governor    John E. Idenden Jr.   
Past Governor    Deborah A. Yingst   
First Colony Governor     Kenneth McKeever   
Jersey Cape Colony Governor - Acting    Ned Rianhard   
Life Board Member    Robert Criswell   
Life Board Member    Lawrence E. Fahley   

The following Officers serve as GSMD Officers representing SMDNJ:

Deputy Governor General     Nancy B. Popielarski   
Assistant General    Stephen H. Gibbon